Advanced Online MIM/DEIS training– Working with Families and Couples

Advanced Online MIM/DEIS training– Working with Families and Couples

Course dates

10-16 FIN time
(obs. FIN time is 1 hour ahead Central European Time and 2 hours ahead GMT)


The course will be held through Zoom Video conference online.

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Event price including course materials:

471,00 Eur (+ VAT 24%), 584 e. Obs. Please let us know if you have EU or UK VAT exempt number. Payment before the course.

Advanced Online MIM/DEIS training– Working with Families and Couples



The learning objectives of the 2-day (10.00-16.00 FIN time) training  are:

  • How to apply the MIM with families and adult couples
  • How to understand and assess (score/qualitative assesment) family MIM observations using Family Interaction Rating Scale (FIS)?
  • How to use the couples MIM?
  • How to help parents reflect their family relations using reflective videofeedback?
  • Case examples



Models that look only at the effects of social interaction patterns in father-child or mother-child dyads are inadequate for understanding the impact of interaction patterns on the whole family system. The family systems’ view provides a coherent foundation and framework for such efforts. Family therapy theories all agree that the dynamic organization and interactive relations between family members, including co-parenting skills of the parents, even trans-generationally, may critically influence the individual’s well-being.  Couple romantic distress co-varies with individual emotional and behavioral disorders. The effect of couple distress—particularly negative communication—is not confined to the adult partners. Even when the effects are mediated through co-parenting skills and parenting alliance as suggested above, the couple’s interactive style cannot be totally dismissed when working clinically with families



The aim of the Advanced MIM training to broaden the traditional focus of the MIM observations – the parent-child dyad –to look at the family system including co-parenting.  Clinical video examples of Family (1,5 day) and Couples (1/2 day) MIM’s along with examples with RVF (Reflective Videofeedback) will be given, along with qualitative and quantitative (Family MIM) assessment examples.



The trainer sends a link to a dropbox containing all materials (Training slides, and Family Interaction Style Rating (FIS) manual  Appendix, + suggested readings) and pro zoom link to the training upon payment of the training (via paypal invoice sent to the participants).



Price and Payment:

  • You can register for the course by filling out the form below.
  • The course price is  584 e incl. VAT


Course dates:

22.-23.4.2024   10-16 FIN time
(obs. FIN time is 1 hour ahead Central European Time and 2 hours ahead GMT)



Saara Salo, PhD, licenced clinical psychologist and psychotherapist (Family/Couples, EFT) therapy, Parent-Infant Psychotherapy)

Theraplay-Trainer/Supervisor, MBT-F (Mentalizing Based Treatment for Families) Trainer



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Training: Advanced Online MIM/DEIS training– Working with Families and Couples
Time: 22.-23.4.2024, 10-16 FIN time (1 hour ahead CET)
Price/person VAT
584,00 eur Included

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