D-EIS/MIM scoring International Reliability Practicum


The goal of this practicum is to guide and get participants reliable in scoring DEIS developed for the MIM observation protocol. The practicum is for people who have attended the 4-day Basic MIM training and want to earn international reliability.


In the practicum, the trainee is given access to 4 up to 7 scorable MIM dyads. Each dyad is scored using the DEIS manual (more detailed info how to send the scores is given upon registration). Each participant will get individual feedback and – if needed – guidance for their scoring in a written format. Once the over .80 Pearson correlation is achieved in all dimensions, the participant will get an International Reliability Certificate.  The participant will also get access to practicing cases.


The cost of the reliability practicum is 250 e (including VAT 24%, invoice sent via paypal link or to the invoice address given upon registration). After payment, the participant will receive access to the materials including the cases to be scored, scoring sheets and additional reading materials. Once signed into the program, you will have 6 weeks to complete your cases.

International Reliable Coders List 2022 (coders who have succesfully passes the DEIS reliability test and given permission to share their contact details. You may wish to contact local reliable coders for a second opinion on your cases etc. Obs. for research use, please contact directly the original developers).  The list is updated annually.







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Training: D-EIS/MIM scoring International Reliability Practicum
Price/person VAT
250,00 eur Included

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