Marschak Interaction Method Skills Training: Winter 2022

Marschak Interaction Method Skills Training with Dyadic Emotional Interaction Style scoring (D-EIS)

Course dates

13.-14.12 and 19.12-20.12

From 11 am to 5 pm CET (Central European Time, please check what this is in your time zone).


The course will be held through Zoom Video conference online.

Event price

Event price including course materials:

520,00 Eur (Including VAT). Payment method: only via Paypal. Payment before the course.

Event price

Event price including course materials (manual, slides, extra material for parents etc.):

520,00 Eur (Including VAT)

MARSCHAK INTERACTION METHOD SKILLS TRAINING with Dyadic Emotional Interaction Style scoring (D-EIS)


The Marschak Interaction Method (MIM; Marschak, 1960) is a structured technique for observing and assessing the overall quality and nature of relationships between caregivers and child. It consists of a series of simple tasks designed to elicit interactive behaviors.The MIM takes from 30 to 60 minutes and is usually videotaped. Materials needed to perform the tasks are simple and readily available (such as blocks, squeaky toys, drawing paper). Obs. The copyright for the MIM is owned by the Theraplay Institute (TTI, Chicago).

D-EIS scoring system is a quantitative rating system developed specifically for scoring of the Dyadic Parent-Child MIM (Salo & Mäkelä, 2006; 2010; 2017). It consists of 9 variables rated on a Likert-Type 5-point scale tapping dimensions both from the caregiver and the child’s perspectives: Parental Guidance/Child Co-operation (Structure and Challenge, also scored separately), Engament, Nurture, Playfullness and Parental Representation.

Combined MIM/D-EIS training includes an introduction how, when and why use the MIM with diverse clinical cases including case examples from child psychiatric setting, family guidance centers, somatically/neurologically ill children. Learning also how to use the D-EIS scales may help the clinican in making accurate (more objective) observations, and focusing on strenghts and difficulties in separate interaction dimensions. It may also help in Theraplay® treatment planning, assesment (relational ’diagnostics’) as well as monitoring change (pre- and post treatment evaluations). The principles of Reflective Video Feedback (RVF) – based on the parental mentalizing theory – are also presented in the training. Motivating parents to understand their interactive patterns with their children may help in creating new ways of relating.


The learning objectives of the 4 six hours training (Central European Time 11-17) training are:

  • To present background developmental psychollogical theory for D-EIS scoring dimensions covering attachment, emotional regulation and parenting theories
  • Knowledge of how to administer/interpret the MIM using the D-EIS scoring with clinical training examples covering a wide range of examples of different emotional styles, and scoring points (also a discussion of potential contraindications)
  • Participant will learn: How to use the D-EIS manual for scoring
  • Introduction to Reflective Video Feedback, i.e., how to discuss the results with the parents using a short, video based intervention.

Materials provided:

Course materials are sent to participants as Dropbox file sharing link 3 weeks before the course starts.

  • DEIS manual (Salo & Mäkelä, 2006; 2010; 2017) + scoring sheets
  • MIM interview for Parents
  • Reflective materials for the parent feedback
  • Handouts from the slides
  • Prereading articles

Who should attend?

This online training is designed for clinicians who wish to learn more about the MIM and using a structured assessment scale developed for the MIM to observe strengths and weaknesses in parent-child relationships for purposes of both assesment as well as treatment planning (goal setting) and follow-up (effectiveness)

Course credentials:

24 teching hours
Pre readings (manual + articles) and in-between the training part homework 8 hours
= 32 hours

Online Course details, Price and Payment:

  • The course will be held through Zoom video conference service with participants being invited into the meeting via their e-mails.
  • You can register for the course by filling out the form below. Please note that your registration should be definitative as there are restricted number of places to the training.
  • Payment link via paypal is sent to participant before the course. Please note that paypal is the preferred payment method. The course needs to be paid before attendance.
  • The course price is 520,00 e (including VAT).

Please note that the training will be held if the minimum number of participants have registered. This will be announced 3 weeks prior to training.

Course dates:

13.-14.12 and 19.12-20.12

from 11 am to 5 pm CET. Please note, the time is announced in Central European time, you will need to check what that is in your local time!



Saara Salo, PhD, licenced clinical psychologist and psychotherapist (Family/Couples therapy, Parent-Infant Psychotherapy)

Theraplay-Trainer/Supervisor, MBT-F (Mentalizing Based Treatment for Families) Trainer


Psykologi Saara Salo / Psykologitoimisto Salo

Business ID: FI27785936
Temppelikatu 11 A 17
00100 Helsinki, Finland
Tel: +358 50 571 7699


International D-EIS reliability Test Online


International D-EIS reliability Test Online

After taking the Basic 4-day MIM/D-EIS course it is possible to sign up to an online reliability test with a separate cost. The test contains scoring of several MIM tapes using the D-EIS. You can join the reliability test program by emailing

D-EIS reliable coders¹


Katrine Einholm – Send email

Trine Frederiksen – Send email

Camilla Pedersen – Send email

Sanne Kristine Holst –


Monica Gunnerud – Send email

Hanne Thorberg – Send email


Dr Kraemer – Send email

Nina Zembold – Send email


Grace Bright –Send email

¹ These coders have passed their international D-EIS reiability test and given permission to publish their names and emails in Pilke-klinikka’s website. For research purposes (reliability) we recommend to contact the original developers ( For national clinical collaboration and ’blind’ scoring assistance it is advisable to contact D-EIS reliable experienced national coders.


Training: Marschak Interaction Method Skills Training with Dyadic Emotional Interaction Style scoring (D-EIS)

13.-14.12 and 19.12

Price/person VAT
520,00 eur Included

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