Pilke-Clinic in English

Saara Salo, PhD, licenced psychologist, psychotherapist

Family Therapy, Parent-Infant Psychotherapy, Theraplay-Trainer/Supervisor, MBT-F Trainer

I have been working with children and families over 15 years at the Helsinki University Hospital and privately. My clinical and research interests are in understanding how close relationships are formed (parent-child interaction) and how they shape the well-being and development of the child. Therapeutically, I work with various parent-child interaction models, such as Theraplay. My goal is to improve and understand parenting – how it evolves already during pregnancy and how it can be maintained during everyday hassles when raising children.  Using a mentalizing framework – a skill underneath any sensitive interactions – has helped many families to recover from everyday stress and improved their well-being. Being emotionally available and reflective about each other involves also  couple relationships. I’m especially interested in the couple work working with parents who have young  children, using Emotion Focused Couples Therapy.  Scientifically, I have developed observational methods to assess parent-child, family and couple relations, and my main interest is in studying the effectiveness of relational treatment models. We need other people – finding positive ways of improving and nurturing our relationships with close ones improves the well-being and quality of life.



Pilke-Clinic International Trainings

We offer services for families and other professionals.  Our focus is on enhancing healthy development of relationships, parent-child attachment bond, and child socio-emotional development. We collaborate with several national and international universities and training centers. We run international trainings and courses on several subjects:

MIM (Marschak Interaction Method) – clinical assessment and scoring (D-EIS, Dyadic Emotional Interaction Style)

Basic Training (4 days)

Advanced MIM trainings

2-3 day courses on Family, Couples, Prenatal/Infancy MIM

Nurture and Play Intervention Training (4 days)

Parental Reflective Videofeedback Workshop (2 days)

Workshops (1 day) on Parental Mentalizing, How to use Play to enhance parent-child relationship, etc.

Upcoming international trainings (in English):

January 2019, Oslo, Basic MIM Training

April 2019, Denmark, Basic MIM training

May, 2019, Denmark, Copenhagen, Basic MIM training

August, 2019, Denmark, Århus, Advanced MIM training (Family, Couple)

November, 2019, Finland, Helsinki, Nurture and Play intervention workshop 

Main International Collaboration:

The Theraplay Institute (www.theraplay.org)

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Youth (www.annafreud.org)

Prof. Zeynep Biringen (www.emotionalavailability.com)


With families we do psychological consultations and assesments.

Therapeutic Services include:

  • Theraplay- therapy
  • Nurture- and Play Intervention
  • MBT-F (Mentalization Based Family Treatmet for Families)
  • Parent-Infant Psychotherapy (PIP)

All our interventions are certified trademarks, and therapists have a licence to do them.  Psychologists working at the clinic are certified mental health professionals (VALVIRA) in Finland.

With professionals

  • Online (skype) and on-site supervision and case consultations
  • Theraplay-Supervison
  • MIM-Supervision
  • Nurture- and Play Supervision
  • MBT-F Supervision


Please contact saara.salo@theraplay.fi for a place either in group or individual supervision. List of current supervision groups and their meetings you can find.